Double click on layer to select all objects on layer - possible?

I am dealing currently with files with A LOT of layers and complex object structures on many different layers.

The current right click on layer and choosing “Select Objects on Layer” is just too slow for me.

Is a function already available whereas I can simply “Double Click” with the mouse on any given layer and all layer objects of that layer are automatically selected implemented ?

I like to manage layer renaming mostly with the keyboard (maneuvering in the layer structure with cursor keys and renaming them just as I rename files in the MacOS Finder) but I would of course like to retain the “slow single mouse click” layer renaming as is implemented currently.

Is this possible? Am I dreaming something up?

Not possible currently.
Double clicking on a layer name will probably rename the layer.
The other option is the SelLayer command. You can pick the layer from a list, or pick an object and everything on the same layer will be selected.

Thanks for the info John.
Currently Rhino 6 behaves that a double click indeed activates the layer renaming.

Would it be possible to open a “nice to have feature” for future builds (perhaps already Rhino 7 pretty please) to include a preferences item:
“double click on layer” with a couple of useful options, one of them being “select objects on this layer”

A few useful behaviors would also be (to stay inline with the select / un-select behavior in Rhino):

  1. "ADD layer objects to current active object selection if “SHIFT + double mouse click on layer”

  2. "REMOVE layer objects from current active object selection if “CMD + double mouse click on layer”

  3. "REPLACE layer objects to current active object selection if “double mouse click on layer only” (no modifier keys pressed in this 3rd option)

This added behavior would massively accelerate the navigation among objects on different layers and make flexible selection so much faster without the current context menu clicking needed.

For now then (sadly) the current right click on layer and selecting the option from the context menu is the most efficient way then.