Double-click on goups no longer changes it's outline type

Is this intentional or is it a result of that textfield that appears everytime you double click on the canvas?

The bug introduced with SP9 or SP8 I do not remember.

This issue is now causing when double-clicking on ghpython component to open the editor - GH window to remain active instead of the editor and when you immediately try to scroll down the code you in fact zoom-in/out the canvas. So you have to double-click on ghpython then click one more time on the editor.

So annoying!

The double click = group outline change handler has been removed, allowing the default behaviour for double clicking to work inside groups. It shouldn’t have affected the double click behaviour of other objects. Basically, the group object stopped handling the event, and when no object handles the double click the canvas will show the popup create box.

I can repeat that double clicking on Python both shows the editor and the create box, with or without groups. So there’s something there that needs fixin’

Logged under RH-50736.

Thanks for the reply David.

But why did you remove double-click group outline change? it was useful?
After changing the outline ( or perhaps like I suggested to have the groups just by border) users can double-click to search for component anyways.

Because changing a group outline typically happens only once, whereas opening the create box happens all the time. I’m still unhappy that group drag interferes with window selection, but I can’t easily change that without messing with the way groups work or look.

How about use hold (left or right mouse button) it works pretty well in Rhino when opening context menu. You can make holding the button to allow window-select inside the group (or dragging the group but allowing single click to window-select)

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This thing!

Window selection of components inside the group outline without selecting the outline!

Lately, I try to be super tedious when constructing GH scripts and I try to create group outlines early.
I think that many people are irritated because of this behavior and in fact, avoid making outlines. Losing the ability to comfortably window select components is worse than having a slightly less organized canvas. Well, to some time… because if your definition gets bigger and you had a month break from working in your file, then you regret not using group outlines and scribbles…

My idea about it is very similar to @ivelin.peychev
LMB Click - selects a group
LMB + drag - doesn’t affect group but creates window select

Maybe there are better ideas about how to solve that but, this inconvenience needs to be addressed and I would love to read what is your current opinion about that @DavidRutten

Will we see a change in that matter in GH1?