Dot printing bug

When using Dots with numbers in Rhino 6 on a drawing, after printing they are blank.

Is this in V6? Seems to be working here in a quick test, although they don’t print in “real size”…

No one is expecting it to print in “real size” :slight_smile:

after printing:
Low quality but you know what i mean. Shifted to upper left corner.

Does it look better with raster output?

Actually, they do, I forgot to set this:


But it’s kind of hard to set where it actually falls on the page, as the on-screen display (non-scaling) can’t correspond with the paperspace (scaled) object…

It is also different between raster and vector… Raster resembles the screen a bit better. But it does print with either here.


Oh, it also works with numbers…

Does not work for me either vector or raster.