Dot in block problem

I need to do quite some plans for fabrication and sometimes dots are on top of each other when I create them in Grasshopper so I put together a definition to bake first just the visible dots per named view.

I baked these dots as blocks so I can move them along a surface normal or averaged surface normal if I want to. Each named view is shown in a detail and the layouts are printed as PDF with RhinoPDF.

I’m not completely convinced but it seems that the fact these dots are in blocks causes some random clipping. When I add some other geometry to the block, for example a box or a sphere, the clipping does not seem to occur. Earlier today I had problems printing and the clipping was visible in printed pdf files. Now the pdf file looks ok but the printed jpeg images show the clipping.

dot_in_block.3dm (196.9 KB)

dot_in_block.pdf (198.2 KB)

This appears to be fixed. Thanks!