Door Swings Don't Show up in 3D Views

This was an issue previously. Not sure if it was fixed, but it’s an issue again.

Hi David,

VisualARQ only shows the 2D plan decorations in plan views with a vertical view direction and a parallel (not perspective) projection. As fas as I know, VisualARQ has never shown these decoration in any other view. This is by design.

Why do you need to see the door swings in 3D?


If we’re to use 3D ortho views for plan view, we need to show the door swings. For one thing, the swing is required to clarify that the panel is a door and not an attached partition.

Hi David,

As I mentioned before, currently VisualARQ does not support drawing plan decorations in 3D views. This is also not easy to solve, because there are some decorations that you may want to see (like door swing) and others that probably don’t (like stair step numbers), or that they need to be drawn at different elevations.

We don’t consider this a bug. We’ll let you know if we add support for this in the future.


That’s what isn’t working.

Hi David,

When I say “vertical view direction and a parallel projection”, I mean a “Top” view. Any view that is not “Top” will not show the plan decorations.

You need also to enabled the “Cut plane” option in the “Levels” panel:




Yes. Not working for me in this project. I put your Asuni email address in the McNeel uploader and will send you a Dropbox link shortly.

Hi @djhg, I’m not sure if the models you have sent us also include this error. Could you tell me if they are, or send the model again, pointing out which one is the door that is not being shown properly in 2D when the cut plane is activated?

Thanks Francesc, this is an error in my reporting. It’s only the doors in blocks which don’t have swings, for reasons you have already explained.