Door Swing representation

Is it possible to have the door swing in a different line thickness than the door leaf?

Is it possible to turn off the door leaf in plan, but leave the swing?

Better yet, the door should be shown as open in plan, the swing should be a lighter line thickness than the door, and the door should be shown as closed in all other views.

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No it isn’t, unless you create a similar door from a Grasshopper definition, and set the 2D display of the door as an individual component. Otherwise the door 2D swing takes the same attributes as the leaf component. We will study how to improve this.

Not really. You can set the Aperture % of the door to same value as the Max Aperture %. But you still see the 3D leaf in plan view

This limitation would also be solved using a door from a GH definition that has the 2D representation as a different component as the door leaf (in 3D)

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