Door paneling script?

Hey Guys

This is either a good question, or a lazy question: Anyone know of a good script for creating a custom door with custom number of panels? Something where you can input thickness of rails/stiles and/or panel number/sizes?

hi Alan, i am unfortunately not aware of any script which might do that, but with a few tricks you could at least get somewhere more comfortable instead of doing everything manually, using History and Sweep for profiles and Blocks or History for either Arrays or manuals copies, which would enable you to replace or update the content of the panels on ready prepared layouts or on easily changeable layouts.

here i have a quick solution using only History and Array. when you edit and move the orange curves then you see that all panels get updated simultaneously. the rest is locked that you can grab the curves care free which you can modify adding/deleting points and filletting the edges to some extent depending on the ability for sweep to still function of course. filleting the curves works only with option trim and join checked.

using block instance would work similar which you can use on prepared or new made layouts and update the block with the edited source panel. if you invest a bit more time you can also set up a grasshopper definition which might give you more options to interactively change details.

history.3dm (8.5 MB)

Hi Alan - I’d think Grasshopper would be your friend here.


New territory. Will have to get into that, thanks.

Thanks so much, will check it out!