Doodlebug for Illustrator CC 2018

hmmm… sounds like the references are not being added correctly. Sometimes after you add them you might have to try building again to get them to register. You can also delete the GH / Rhino references and add them instead via the NuGet Package Manager - this is a more modern way to handle those references.

Hope this helps, sorry I can’t tell you more!

Hey @ktapa Have you had any development with this? Thank you!

Unfortunately not. It’s become more complicated than I had hoped. If I get anywhere, i’ll be sure to post the results here.

I put together a video explaining step-by-step how to install doodlebug on which ever build you have. Also, I rebuilt the plugin for Rhino 6 and illustrator CC 2019. Both of which can be found here on my blog:

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Awesome! Thanks for doing this @pmpetros

Thank you Andrew for putting it together in the first place!

Made some nice doodlebug add-ons that can be found here on my blog: Antlion: A continuation of Doodlebug