Donut Icing Modeling Question (Making A Polysurface Attach to a Torus)

Hi everyone,

This problem is stumping the heck out of me, I’m hoping someone can help.

The project I have is to make a donut with icing. I drew a torus, which was easy enough.

The icing outlines were drawn in Adobe Illustrator and imported in. I’m really happy with the lines and I’d really like to keep them if possible.

On the icing outlines I did a small Solid/Extrude Curve operation and then did a Variable Radius Filet which gave the nice curved edge as you can see in the attached image.

Here’s where I’m stuck. Is there anyway for me to have this icing polysurface follow the surface of the torus? I tried Flow, FlowAlongSrf, but got some crazy results that are far from what I want.

Or, am I going about this wrong? I alternatively tried a Drape command and Boolean subtracting the area outside the icing outlines, but the end result didn’t look like icing at all.

Would it be better to make a slightly larger torus, extrude the icing outlines, Boolean divide those, then additionally Boolean subtracting the area intersecting the smaller torus? Or is there an even better way?

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

Is this a school project?

Several commands which might be useful:

Sometimes a simpler, more basic approach is easier and quicker.

Hi davidcockey,

This is more of a personal project, one of many I have going to improve my modeling skills. I used Rhino for part of my coursework at around the time it reached 1.0 status, then went for many years without doing much in 3D. The Rhino for Mac beta drew me back in and I’m getting into to it more than ever before. However, memories get fuzzy over time and some new features has been added since. :smile:

Getting back to the donut- using Project then Trim on the torus surface seemed to work best. I raised it slightly and extended the projected curves to the newly trimmed surface and was able to reapply the Variable Radius Filet. I have the exact model I wanted for the project which is a mockup of a donut box with donuts inside.

Thank you so much for the helpful post, I am very grateful!