Don't turn on layer when activated as current layer?

is it possible to not automatically turn on the layer which i have just made my current layer before? this would be very nice if one has different versions on different layers and wants to “browse” through…
thanks for your help!

I’m not sure I understand.

It’s not possible for your Current Layer to ever be turned off.
If the layer you select to be Current is off, it will always be turned on.

hi john, i am aware of that. i meant: if i choose another layer as current afterwards, can the first one go off again, like before? other cad programs do this to allow a quick browsing through different layers/versions.

@dale Have you heard requests like this before? Is it captured in a bug-track item?

I’m wondering if just highlighting the layer (not making it current) could turn it on temporarily until the next layer is selected. Just thinking out-loud here.

@dan, @mxmlnhrtngr - V7 has LayerBook, which may accomplish exactly what the OP is asking.


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Yes and yes.

Layer hierarchy complicates the problem somewhat, as turning off a parent layer also turns off children.

– Dale

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