Don't know why these two similar surfaces will not interesect

In a case such as this, I usually intersect the two and using part of the intersecting curves, am able to trim one from the other to make a nice meeting of one surface to the other. For whatever reason, in this case I can’t make these two intersect, trim or otherwise recognize each other.two pieces of trim that will not intersect.3dm (3.4 MB)

Hi Robb - for now, run DivideAlongCreases SplitAtTangents=Yes on these object… that should allow the intersection to work but you’ll have polysurfaces. (V6 does get this right on the originals)


Thanks, Pascal, this particular problem seems so out of the ordinary. These are not complex surfaces.

I should add that I opened this file in V6 Beta, trimmed it all easily and saved as a V5 file to bring into the project to which these originally belonged. All is good in my little boat design world!

And, here’s a quick rendering of work in progress that shows the trim pieces in place…