Dome to hyperbolic

Hi guys
I want to parametrically change my form from a dome to a hyperbolic form.
For example, I can project its lines on a hyperbola, but I want to reach the hyperbola from the dome itself.
Can anyone help me?
unnamed (2)(1).gh (55.9 KB)
Untitled2.3dm (411.8 KB)

Experiment Hyperbolic to Dome (20.8 KB)

Honeycam 2023-11-01 16-59-29


This is very good and I got acquainted with new codes, but that I want to fix the 2 common points of the dome and the hyperbola. For example, I had anchored those two points with Kangaroo.

I noticed a nice way to parametrize a paraboloid in a way that smoothly interpolates between an elliptic paraboloid (i.e. dome) and a hyperbolic paraboloid (i.e. saddle) (5.3 KB)



woooow it’s great. thank you.