Dome tiles


I’m wanting to alter the draft angle of all four corners of this tile to 10 degrees in grasshopper, but need help figuring out the proper method? The tile will be applied to a dome structure. Anyone have feedback on this?

(see images/files below)




dome_tile_ (54.5 KB)

Something like this?

dome_tile_ (32.3 KB)

Hi Kim,

Yes, the only thing left would be to connect that tile script to the dome script to recreate the proper
dome pattern (dome script highlighted green) thoughts?



It seems every tiles on your dome have different size & shape so, what is worth your draft angle is?

The dome is part of a relief mold. The tiles can’t have any undercuts (thus draft angles) to prevent breakage when the fiberglass is removed from the mold.



You didn’t internalised your profile curve. and it seems you are using paneling tool plugin.
I’ve just changed your base curve to my Rectanglewhich has the same points withDiscontinuitylike the attached gh file.

dome_tile_ (37.1 KB)

What would be the best way to have B2 corner to match the same height as B1?



Check this.

dome_tile_ (27.1 KB)

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Thanks Kim! Big help