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So my question here is what nodes do I need to add to have the ability to change the height and width of the 8 sections? One section is longer than the other and the widths are going to have a variable range. Ideally I’d like to have 3 of the panel be the same size and the 4th across being the remainder of the section. Anything you guys can give me would be incredibly helpful. (17.7 KB)


if you really want somebody on forum to help you, you need to:

a) internalise initial surface;
b) be more explicit about your task.

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I apologize I thought my task was clear. As you can see the highlighted section was divided into 8 parts. That surface is now split and the output that I am trying to achieve is to have a numerical slider that can change the height and width of the sections. For instance the top 4 panels would have a height of 28 feet, the bottom 4’s height would be the remainder of the surface. Same principle for the width of the sections. Where the first 3 from left to right would be uniform and the 4th panel would be the remainder of the highlighted section. I’m sorry If I didn’t express that very clearly.

If i got it correctly this might be a solution… (16.0 KB)