Domain Box resulting in inconsistent boxes


Essentially I have 38 floors on my building. The outside of each floor plate will be a balcony. Each floor has a different amount of sides. I want there to be dividers on each balcony. I have drawn all of the lines that should represent the base curve for each divider.

My problem is that when I feed these base curves into the domain box function, as well as the domains required (I havent specified this fully yet so dont worry about it) - a few of the boxes come out strange.

Most of the boxes are fine. Some however, are rotated about 90 degrees about the base curve - there is a reference in photo 1. There are also some that are rotate 180 degrees about the base curve - they are essentially upside down and protruding into the floor below. You can reference photo 2.

I am not sure what the problem is here. I think it is that I am not providing a plane, and providing a curve instead for the domain box. However, if this is the case, how can I draw a domain box about the lines I have drawn? If it is a simple fix, just tell me what I am doing wrong please. Thank you for the help!

2019.03.15 Attempt (38.1 KB)

you can simplify the definition
2019.03.15 Attempt (31.9 KB)

and to fix the rotation you need to fix planes directions
why you use Center instead of Polygon center?

Thank you very much this is perfect!