Domain after join

I have this simple closed rectangle,

This peace of code, take curve get the domain, explode and join the curves again, once again
take the domain.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rec = rs.GetObject("Get");

domain = rs.CurveDomain(rec);
print domain[0]
print domain[1]
print ("--------------------")
explode= rs.ExplodeCurves(rec,True);
join = rs.JoinCurves(explode);
domain = rs.CurveDomain(join);
print domain[0]
print domain[1]

My question is, isn’t that supposed to return the same domain? why is it one domain and then another?


Any tip @dale


Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Unlike the Join command, rs.JoinCurves just joins curves. You can certainly reparameterize after the fact. Try using a domain of [0.0, Curve.Length].

– Dale