Doing the impossible... The Lexus Hoverboard

Need we say more…

Can you find the Rhino screen shots? Hint 4:06.

Posted Aug 10, 2015 by Bob McNeel on Rhino News, etc.


@bobmcneel the video isn’t embedded (i don’t think?)

Thanks. Fixed…

That was posted automatically from the blog and sometimes the formatting and links don’t make it.

rhino everywhere :smile:

I recently wrote about Lexus slide and hoverboards generaly. They are amazing, can’t wait for them to go public.
If someone is connected to Lexus company or other hoverboard developers, please contact me so I can publish articles about their work. Thanks
Hoverboard Magazine

Do you think hoverboard technology is going to stay for many more years or are we actually waiting for something bigger than this?

no need to wait for something bigger than those (expletive) things…

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“Where we’re going… We don’t need roads”