Does WIP 7 have non-destructive modifiers like mirroring/etc similar to Blender?

I’ve been using Blender for sculpting and more recently for subd modelling. I really like that they have modifiers that can be turned off/on as needed. Mirror modifier for example, allows me to mirror on object using a reference point… and I can come back and change it’s settings at any point. This is super useful when dealing with clients who are constantly changing their mind about a design.
Does Rhino offer something similar in WIP 7? Or is it all destructive/permanent edits?

no, our edits are permanent, outside of what you can do with history.

There isn’t a modifier system like in Blender.

There are some mesh modifiers like displacement, edge softening, shutlining that are non-destructive. There are some commands that work like that like Reflect for subd.

Further you have History.

But nothing as comprehensive as Blender’s modifier system.

You can achieve this non-linear non-destructive capability with a lot of tools using Grasshoper.

The mirroring example you mention is a very easy thing to do with very basic Grasshoper experimentation. Same thing for arrays, some Booleans, etc.


Thanks everyone!

I tried grasshopper a while back. Too complicated. Maybe Ill give it another shot one day.

The way I see it: Not more complicated than not using it for stuff like this. It’s hard to make work easy, and of course it’s always easier making work hard.

You invest a few days in your life doing some basic self-training of grasshopper and you will get that time back 100x in the next 2 years by not modeling, and remodeling, and remodeling, until you give up at ‘just good enough’.

IMO not knowing at least basic Grasshopper and basic SubD if you are doing design and modeling professionally is absolutely reckless.

I’m not saying becoming a computational designer, but at least knowing how to do some basic 3-5 components little tricks like what you are asking for.