Does/Will Rhino have a block drag & drop feature similat to AC?

Does Rhino have a palette system or some sort repository for blocks/symbols/components that can be drag and dropped into a model or 2D layout.

I’ve also discovered that .dwg dynamic blocks import without the states, so all objects within the block are displayed. e.g. A dynamic door block imports as multiple doors. Closed, and open at 30, 60, & 90 degrees. Are these things that might be addressed in V6?

Rhino has a tool called Libraries, which is basically a windows file explorer which can be docked in Rhino. You can select which folders to make shortcuts to, which you can switch between using the wrench icon in the libraries folder in V5, or the three lines icon in V6. From there you can drag and drop files into Rhino, and you will be given the opertunity to open, insert, import, or attach (as a worksession, which is like an AutoCAD X-ref).

I wouldn’t imagine that dynamic blocks would make it into V6. I’m not sure they are even really on the radar at this point.


I found it and I’ve been trying to make a block/component library to drag in items I use a lot. However, when I drag in the blocks, the come in far from my origin on the Cplane. It is a lot of scrolling to get them to position, any way to make them land at 0,0 when I drag them in?

Hi CalypsoArt - type in 0 + when you get to the part where you place the objects.


I’m not sure what you mean? I drag in the block, choose import from the option box, and the object ends up miles away. There is no point in the process where I can enter any numbers.

Ah - choose Insert…


Using insert is a whole lot of additional clicks. But still not working. If “prompt” for insertion point is selected. Neither clicking at the origin, nor typing 0 puts it in the center of the CPlane. With prompt de-selected and XYZ at 0, the same. I would think the CPlane center is not at 0, but I’m using standard Rhino templates.

I think I figured it out. My blocks all have origins way off. In creating them I did not use ExportWithOrigin