Does there exist other software with this much developer tools?


I’ve been wondering for a while if Rhino is much different in the access it offers to third party developers.
I’m under the impression there is no other CAD software that grants this much access, but since I do not work with other software, I can only guess. It’s probably not the right place to ask on the Rhino Forum but nevertheless.

What other CAD software is there that can be used as a platform to develop third-party tools on.


Well they all have some sort of SDK for 3rd-party plugins, since cultivating such an ‘ecosystem’ is part of everyone’s business plan. Autodesk is certainly big into that, the only reason AutoCAD still exists are whole industries dependent on certain plugins. But I know that if you want to “script” Solidworks on some level, that’s an add-on.

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Blender also has a extensive and very well integrated SDK in the form of Python 3 scripting

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