Does shutlining not apply to copied objects and their curves?



When arraying (in this instance ‘polar’) an object that has several curves actively applying ‘Shut Lining’, the objects copied as a function of the array reference the curves applied to the original object and not the curves copied during the array (and so fail to apply the mesh effect). So when repeating an object that takes advantage of shut lining one must manually delete curves and then re-add the curves copied during the array in order for things to work as expected. So, is there a way to copy/array with this effect intact (I believe it does stay intact for edge softening)?
Apologies for not including a file…

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - yeah… I’m not sure how else it can work - I’m sure it is possible but there would have to be more smarts, I guess, in Copy, to know how to assign the curves. My guess of the moment is that there is no quick and easy fix for this, but I’ll add the request to the heap, and besides, who knows, I might be wrong…



Thanks Pascal. If i had a prayer at coding (I don’t) I would say something like “…this is the object…these curves effect the objects render mesh…copy all or array as instructed…and apply same effect to new objects with curves copied in parallel…” Like I said, no coder am I. But that would basically do it. V6 is awesome BTW…thanks for all the hard work!