Does selecting a rendering engine such as VRay affect exported model?


I am using VRay rendering on Rhino. When I export the object/design, I expect the output is VRay rendered. But the exported objects does not look like to be VRay rendered at all. They look same as when they are rendered with Rhino’s default. I would like know that selecting VRay or other rendering engines, such as Thea, affecting IRIS export at all? Am I supposed to get different output when export using IRIS as I choose different rendering engine on Rhino?

I am sorry if I could not make myself clear. I am kind of newbie.

Please let me know if you need further details.

Thank you.

Rendering is different from exporting. When a render is calculated you end up with a 2D representation of your scene, an image.

An export means select geometry and accompanying data is essentially translated into a specific format, one different from the native Rhino format.

A program, i.e. Iris, that imports such exported data will draw that in its own way.

Rendering with a render engine like V-Ray, or Cycles, or any other one, won’t affect the export result.

Hopefully that clears the confusion.


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So it will just show the default Rhino material? What about background images? I would like to use it more to show work.


Iris exports a Rhino model. The rendering engine has no effect on what you export. Materials applied through the Rhino Material Editor are exported, including textures. Background images are not supported at the moment, but they can be considered. The closest thing to the look you’ll get might be the ‘Rendering’ viewport mode.

Thanks @fraguada that is what I thought.

By the way, if there is anything you think of that might be interesting to try, Iris is a WIP project, so we can attempt to think of ways to work things in. Also, if you are having issues getting things exported correctly, let me know!

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Yes, @nathanletwory. It is all clear now.

Thank you for your enlightening comment.