Does Rhino Tools plugin work with RH7?

Does anyone know if the RhinoTools plugin by ejnaren works with Rhino 7?
The file is on github.

One of the block tools is “Make unique”, a command that I use lots in Sketchup.

I’m guessing the plug-in was distributed through Food4Rhino.
The catalog listing there should have those details, as well as developer contact information.


I think it ought to work, the script is by @ejnaren - I helped him with some small bits when he worked on the tools.

I use them in V7 and haven’t had to make any changes. And I still feel they should be made official commands by default :grin::crossed_fingers:


I have the rhinotools1.4.rhi file I downloaded a couple years ago. It is not on Food4Rhino, nor available through PackageManager. I just tried loading PeterTools via package manager and it failed, (sent the developer the error message) and that plugin was just updated. At this point I’m worried about trying to install an older plugin that looks like it’s been abandoned. Seriously though, context click “make block unique” is a necessary command in my workflow.

OK. Tried Rhinotools and it seems to work with a simple block.

RhinoTools saved me many times ( ave @ejnaren ). For me those are working perfectly. I remember once I had some issues related to “block size” gumball on dup was huuuge but original block was farily complicated ( detailed window including seals between glass sheets). In this case, relate to the rule “if it works it just works” :slight_smile:

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I know I should be better at maintenance and fronting and feedback etc. But since making the plugin I have become the leader of an architectural office and it leaves me negative time. I’m afraid I am just not able to squeeze anything else in. Regrettably though as I would like to do more of these things…

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Hi -

I’ve added this thread to the open feature request RH-59420.

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