Does Rhino support use of Type 1 fonts?


I have found that using Type 1 fonts, explode wrecks the font shape, but doesnt with TrueType fonts.

Type 1 are postscript with more arithmetical function and better for graphics than True Type fonts.

Is this Rhino disliking Type 1 fonts (Adobe source)

I seem to be missing a PSFONTS folder though, this is where the .PFB file half of the .PFM .PFB pairing resides, if not in same directory as the .pfm files.

Not sure if the font would display at all if missing half of the pairing, I can at least type out the font, just wont explode correctly.


Why are Type 1 fonts not supported by Rhino ?


Type 1 is an older font spec that originated with Adobe.

Rhino uses TrueType fonts.

I think V6 will add support for OpenType fonts.