Does Rhino require or work with CUDA?

Q1. Do I need CUDA operational with my GTX970 to get best performance from Rhino ?
Q2. Will Rhino lock onto CUDA if I install CUDA 10.1 toolkit ?
Q3. How do I know CUDA is installed and functional ?
I see the install of CUDA 10.1 asks for Visual Studio saying some functionality wont work, but Visual Studio is for program developers, not required for prog users, so the internet says, so I didnt preinstall Visual Studio, just Visual C++ 2017 x64 and x86 (as I am win7 64bit pro and both are required, not just x64)



  1. Currently only the Raytraced mode is able to utilize CUDA.
  2. No, but you don’t have to install CUDA toolkit if you don’t write code for it
  3. If you just want to use the CUDA power for Raytraced you can ensure it is used in Tools > Options > Cycles. Check that your CUDA card is selected to be the render device. Switching a viewport to Raytraced will now use the CUDA-capable GPU.

TL;DR; Don’t install CUDA toolkit unless you write software to use that.

as for dont install CUDA toolkit, um…already done so, reason:-
in testing mesh creation from photos progs, 3DF Zephyr wouldnt install said CUDA card not found yet I had GTX970 so googling this the fix was install CUDA toolkit from Nvidia, did so, reinstalled 3DF Zephyr and it went on this time.

I have just right clicked a viewport to see if I see raytraced but its not there. no doubt an add on I dont have. I am very ‘behind’ with ways of making models look realistic, I just have the default lighting systems etc, must read up on progressing beyond the basics when I get 5 mins. In fact I will ask in a separate thread.


Raytraced is Rhino v6.

The toolkit probably installed a newer driver for you as well. The fix would’ve been to just get the latest driver from NVidia website.

Hi, yes it updated my driver.
I am V5 so raytraced must wait until I have money for V6.
wish Mcneel sold it on HP ! (so much a month !)