Does Human UI work in Rhino WIP?

Hey everyone!

I’d like to first recognize Andrew Heumann and his team of wizards for their amazing plug in that they’ve added to grasshopper. Human UI coupled with Human and Metahopper has completely transformed my overall Grasshopper experience.

I recently downloaded Rhino WIP in hopes that I can speed up surface splitting in grasshopper. I am noticing that the “value listener” component and the “create color picker” component are not working in Human UI. I tried searching for a similar topic but only found a fix for the Human plug in which seemed to work just fine.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated as I’d love to try my Grasshopper definition with Human UI in Rhino WIP.


I think something in V6 changed and that’s why things aren’t working yet.

Thanks Marcus. I’ll be on the look out for any progress.

Cross posting from the GH forum -

I believe this can be solved by changing Human UI’s Load Mechanism in Grasshopper. Go to Grasshopper Preferences / Solver / and scroll down to “Human UI” in the “Plug-in Loading” panel. click the black puzzle piece until it is an orange hard disk, like this:

Then quit Grasshopper (and Rhino just to be safe) and relaunch - try the components that were giving you trouble after that. Let me know if that doesn’t solve the issue!