Does Home streaming remote access to Tower PC work with Rhino?

Hi, V5,
It has been suggested that to use the power of my PC Tower designed to run Rhino, and yet be away from it when Rhinoing, e.g. whilst watching TV, it is possible to use something called Home Streaming, a wireless system that armed with even a cheap laptop or eg chrome book (Toshiba) , uses the hardware of the tower, its high end powerful video card, processor etc, and displays the results on the laptop screen.

All well and good until one takes the cheap laptop away from home.

However when at home, will such run rhino ok ?

I might yet consider it with a decent laptop as it would take the strain and allow the laptop to run quieter, so I get the best of both worlds, remote access to tower and portability as well.


Ahh, that explains a lot! =)


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