Does Bongo have an actual physics engine, or is it just animation?

Someone asked me if I can make a computer working model of something opening with gears, pistons, etc. Thinking about Bongo, as I’ve seen animations from Bongo like [this video]

But does Bongo have an actual Physics Engine - i.e. If I set a gear to spin, will it automatically make the gear interlocked with it also spin?


No, you would have to explicitly define how the two obejcts relate to each other (for example rotating circle B based on the circumference travelled by the “driving” circle A, aso.)

Fairly easy to do, but “collision driven” objects is not supported in the current version.

// Rolf

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game changer when it happens

Hmmmmm what’s up with this craziness?


But of course, these are possible today within Rhino:

Can’t seem to find anything about it anywhere. That Piker stuff is cool, thanks!

Animation could be easy like a children game. There was a plugin for Rhino and the system could still licensed if someone like to create a new plugin. Or the McNeel team develop an own geometric solver like this. Animating per Bongo can be so difficult …

RhinoWorks was like I expect an animation system. Maybe per History anything could be much simpler now. Only we need step-by-step some constrain commands. For example “_AlignAxial”, … .

Also a very nice example of simple constrain based animation:

Micha -

EXCELLENT VID ! Simple and TO THE POINT ! A narrated version of what you were doing while you were doing it would be nice, but this really hints at some great possibilities !

Does RHINO Works still exist ? If so, what’s the cost - U.S. $ ?

Thoughts ?

Thanks !

Chuck in Texas.

Sorry, only bad news. Rhino works isn’t available anymore. Maybe the cernel could be licensed by Bricsys to create a new animation plugin.

And it’s really such a pity that this kind of animation get’s not more attention here.

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