Does autosave include work inside clusters?

My script is accidentally stuck on a big computation, but inside a cluster. I am afraid if i force it to quit i will lose significant work inside the cluster. Or is it included in the autosave?

I wouldn’t rely on that, even if it is designed to be included.
If you’re not “in” the main file there is no guarantee that autosave is working.

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Thanks for the straight answer. Luckily it responded again after 30 mins. Would love an escape function like on windows!

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In GH1 the abort function is terrible on both Windows and Mac, although I can see it might be even worse on Mac because it relies on a very specific OS function. I’m afraid until GH2 it’s not going to get any better.

Is GH2 coming to Rhino 8 or later?

Hi -

GH2 works in Rhino 8.

I am a little confused…

This is not what I am seeing in Rhino 8 BETA?

Grasshopper 1.0 is installed as part of Rhino8. If you want Grasshopper 2, then you’ll need to specifically download it from the package manager. GH2 is still in alpha, so is not part of the standard product. Don’t forget to check the ‘pre-releases’ checkbox.

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Hi David, once installed, how do I launch it? Grasshopper command opens GH1

Oh found it: command G2.