Does anyone use Megascans? Importer for Rhino?

Hi there,

i was wondering if someone is using Megascans for rendering. They have app called bridge i saw there couple of scripts for importing ready to roll assets. I don’t have python skills at all but theres couple with .py extension. I was wondering if it is possible to write sth like this for Rhino.

Scripts aren’t too complicated as i saw. In attachment you can find all of them. Anyone? Is it possible? (56.1 KB)

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Oh come on … No one ? Maybe someone have any idea how to start with this ?

I’m not familiar with megascans but from this it looks like there is an http api. One could use ironpython or c#, or anything that can talk http. It tells your code where the assets are in your file system. From there it would just be importing them. It seems heavily dependent upon your renderer though, and you would need to build the material with the maps, so your renderer would need to be accessible from code as well, and I think supported by megascans, or at least able to use the maps correctly.

It also looks like they are automating the import process from their app with some scripting…not sure if end user can add to these though.

But, if you can export the asset to mesh/maps and then find it with the api, then you could certainly automate ‘pulling’ it into rhino if your render materials are scriptable. Probably wouldn’t be a trivial project though.