Does anyone know where to find this node or the full name of it?

I can’t find this little one… I think I tried almost every single one with the name planar in it

My best guess is ‘Boundary Surfaces’

Hmmm, this is how boundary surfaces looks like

Will it work for what you are trying to do?

Where did you see it? some tutorial video?

I don’t think it’s a native component, so where you saw it might give some clues to which plugin it comes from.

no such hint was given sadly

I mean where does the first image you posted come from?

It comes from here. Im trying to make an urban parametric design but having a hard time to follow

Again, it’s just a guess, but I really do think it is boundary surfaces. The equivalent command in Rhino is PlanarSrf, and I could totally see someone renaming boundary surfaces to Planar for ease. You can see in the video that curves are being fed into the component you highlighted.

I think you’re right. It’s kinda solved halfway through thanks!