Does anyone know how to use this


(Reo) #1

I’m new to this community.
I was investigating about culture component, but I still do not know.
I do not know how to use the culture component. Please let me know if anyone knows.2018-02-13_18h01_57

(Marios Tsiliakos) #2

Hi Reo,

Since I’m a man of culture I thought I should answer this question.

The nickname of this component has changed by the user. It can be anything from text, numbers or geometry.

The best way to find out is to switch to icon only view or Ctrl+Alt Left-Click on the component.


(Aris Nikolopoulos) #3

Hey Marios!
Since I’m also a man of culture (there is a culture of funguses in my socks-I never wash them- :slight_smile:)
I thought I might weigh in:
I’m afraid I have to correct you: this is definitely not a custom name. It’s the component culture
and you can find it in " Params/prmitive"

also a little tip: when you don’t know where a component is in the tabs, you can alt+ctrl+leftClick on it and grasshopper whill show you.

I have to admit though I don’t know what it is for…

(Marios Tsiliakos) #4

Hi @anikolo,

You are indeed a man of culture. I must admit I was lazy to remember. I have actually used this component before.

It outputs the the culture/ethnic origin of a country.

@Reo I hope this is helpful.


(Aris Nikolopoulos) #5

I was expecting it to be something about galapagos! I never stop being amazed by Grasshopper!!!
what is next? telling you the future according to your sign? :joy::joy::joy:

(Marios Tsiliakos) #6

To further elaborate. It has to do with local formatting options.

Apologies for misleading you with my first answer. I just thought someone renamed a persistent data component, and used it for a masterplan design or something.


(Reo) #7

Hi M

I am a cultural person, I thought that I should thank you.
Thank you so much.
thanks to your kind explanation, I understood about culture component.


(Reo) #8

Hi anikolo

I could not question well because I am not good at English.
Thanks to your question, I was able to know what I wanted to know.
Thank you very much.


(David Rutten) #9

It is also used when sorting text. Different languages have different orders for various characters. For example ä is sometimes sorted as though it was just a regular a, sometimes it is sorted as though it’s an ae and sometimes it is sorted after all a values.

Also upper and lower casing is culture dependent. In most languages with a latin alphabet, the upper case of i is I. But in Turkish it is supposed to be İ.