Does any one know how to break up a mesh model in to pieces?

Just got a complicated mesh model of a satellite from a colleague, created in Zbrush. It’s all joined together. Ungrouping it doesn’t work. Exploding it works but then you have to go in and select the mesh pieces and join them together in to what would logically go together. Does anyone know of any way around this? :slight_smile:

Hi Cosmas - SplitDisjointMesh- does that do what you want?


Hey Pascal - Well… I got excited and tried it but got the message “Unable to split this mesh. Use the Check command to verify that the mesh is valid.” A n d … I ran Check and found that it is, indeed, a BAD MESH (!!). Says “Here is what is wrong with this mesh: 735 degenerate faces, 2270 non manifold edges, 9 duplicate faces. Mesh has 33,389 pairs of faces that intersect each other. This can cause problems.” Haha. I imagine this means there’s no tool around it, right, Pascal?

Ho Cosmas - it does not sound very promising - I’d start with


and see if that leaves you with anything useful - it might not… I’d expect some holes/naked edges at the very least.


Okay, Pascal. You are officially a GENIUS. It worked !! Thank you!!

Superb! I can go home now.


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I lost some of the pieces but that’s okay, because I have the original BAD mesh and can see what’s missing and rebuild it.

Thank you, again. I’m glad I posted.