Does 64bit sketchup change anything re:import/export?

trimble finally made sketchup 64 bit. (SketchUp 2015)

does that change anything regarding rhino import/export of .skp?
just curious

Some minors changes. Specially on LAYOUT.
All the rest is pretty the same. Although i have to say that new SKETCHUP x64 bit can handle much better BIG FILES, such as fast shadows.

All the rest stay like older versions.

IMPORT and EXPORT are the same. But now it possible to export to AUTOCAD 2013… and you have some new think call CLASSIFIER (in fact i dont know for what is it!!!)

Have a try on new sketchup, and build, or import some complex model. You will see more fast viewport rotates and keep working with minor lags.

heh, thanks but i was asking if a 64bit version will allow for a .skp importer or exporter to be made for mac rhino… which currently does not exist.

currently, i use a combo of collada and .3ds to move from rhino to sketchup (and personally, i have no need nor desire to bring .skp into rhino… as of now, i model everything in rhino and only use sketchup to get at my rendering app (indigo) and for project collaboration.

on the sketchup side, importing is a bit of a pita… it’s slow and they dropped ‘at origin’ so there’s a lot of waiting and manually getting things in the right place… if rhino would give me the .skp, i’m pretty sure the transfer would be a lot easier… the other rhino exports i do are very fast.

Sorry, i forgot you have a mac.

does that change anything regarding rhino import/export of .skp?

Sure does. Thanks to @tim, SketchUp File I/O will be in the upcoming WIP.

sweet. thanks for the info

thanks @tim ! nice work.
this works well for me (wip 20141124)… easy and super fast :thumbsup: