DocumentProperties + Cylces = freeze


When I try and call DocumentProperties through the command line with Cylces running it freezes Rhino WIP 08/08/2017

Hi, I wasn’t able reproduce with simple cube with default settings. I tried both with having Rhino Render and Cycles for Rhino as the current renderer.

Does this happen for you also with even empty scene, or for a specific model you created? A specific rendering device maybe- I tested with CPU…

If you can please elaborate. Also please attach the output from SystemInfo.

Thank you.


Hi Nathan,

Here is my system info: systeminfo.txt (1.7 KB)

This freezes my computer for raytraced and rendered with a simple sphere.

Thanks for looking at this,

PS rotate and pan now work as normal in Cycles :slight_smile:

Does this still happen with the latest BETA?