Documentation for v6 needed


I sure hope someone is working on documentation for v6. It’s nice to have a list of new features. But that isn’t ‘documentation’, for those of us who need help understanding the new features and the enhancements of existing ones. So far I’ve seen some 30-second silent videos and some marketing-style write-ups. But I need much more than that to understand what has been done in v6 - why these new/enhanced features are useful and how they can be used.
Most of what I’ve read so far just has me scratching my head trying to figure out what we now have.


Agreed, I haven’t had hardly anytime to use the V6 WIP, and if I’m to upgrade be good to have some good documentation and video tutorials on the ‘new stuff’ :slight_smile:

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hello - is it that you don’t know what to look for in Help? That is the documentation, but are we not making it easy to look up these new things? Can you describe a bit more what you’d expect or like to see?




DragStrength, GumballAutoReset, OneView, AddNgonsToMesh, and DeleteMeshNgons commands are not explained well.

Options > View > Rotate has two similar options: ‘Rotate relative to view’ and ‘Classic V2 style rotate relative to view.’ I have no clue what makes them different.

Rhino 6, OneView, Sweep and BlendSrf with History:

Rhino 6, MatchSrf with History:

Rhino 6, Fillet and BlendEdge:


What I would like is a single document that explains what the new features are, why they are useful, when they will come in handy, why they are improvements over what was in v5, what need they fulfill or problem they solve or more efficient way they offer to perform tasks, and a few examples showing these features in action. That all goes beyond a good help reference (which, of course, is very important).

In addition, I’d like to see some narrated videos of 5-10 minutes in length on a few of the most important advancements.


Excellent videos! That helps greatly.