Documentation for ghpythonlib?

Hi I am really new to this, but where can I find the documentation for ghpythonlib online?
Like today, I am trying to understand the ghpythonlib.treehelpers but having some problems with finding anything about it online
Thanks a lot

The lower left section at the bottom of this page may help:

The tree helpers are covered in a guide there also.

Thank you Scott. Is there a plan to have some page for it similar to the rest of API reference in the future?

Hi @scottd

If you have a moment, can you point to a document listing all functions/utilities included in the tree helper library?

I was able to use the functions outlined in the article you pointed to Rhino - Rhino.Python Guides

But I am wondering if there is more in the tree helper library.



I really only have the Google search guides that others have push forward:

And a more general search: gh python tree - Google Search

Thank you @scottd

I read this Medium article after leaving this post–it is quite detailed.