Documentation for Daysim [Honeybee]

Hello everyone!
I hope I am not breaking any rule, since this is not a request about a GH component.

I am dealing with Honeybee, and, when it comes to set the proper simulation through Radiance and Daysim, I am missing some knowledge about raytracing and proper values to set my boundary conditions and thresholds.

I spent several hours watching the tutorials of Mostapha and Chris Mackey on YouTube, and it seems that what I am looking for is the document “Daysim3.0Tutorial.pdf”, which unfortunately is no more available on the 4 y.o. Dropbox folder linked to the tutorials.

It is not available anymore on Daysim.

Does anybody have this guide to share, or knows where download or purchase it, depending on what is available?

I am close to finish my MSc thesis which pivots on visual and thermal comfort, and that guide could really help me to create a solid GH file with reliable results.

Thank you!

Hi - You’ll probably get more help over at the dedicated LB|HB forum here: