Documentation enhancement for function IsVisibleInRhinoUserInterface in Rhino C++ SDK for CRhinoLayer Class

@Dale, @nathanletwory, @pascal,

In the Rhino C++ SDK documentation for CRhinoLayer, under MemberFunction Documentation for IsVisibleInRhinoUserInderface (see copy below), I believe the (in bold below) should be that.


bool CRhinoLayer::IsVisibleInRhinoUserInterface ( ) const

Returns: True if the layer is visible in the layer manager dialog and other Rhino user interfaces the display layers. Otherwise the layer is filtered.

Here is a link to the page that contains this information:

In the future, what category and to whom should I direct these suggestions for Rhino Documentation enhancements?


Hi @Terry_Chappell,

I’ve searched the page you link to, and I cannot find this text. Am I confused?

– Dale

Curious. I just clicked on the link now and scrolled down to find the section with this information. So try scrolling down some. @dale