Document User Text tab - why 3 columns?

What’s the purpose of the third column in the Document User Text tab?

It’s just excess space from the grid control, not an additional column.

Can we get rid of this @Trav or @curtisw? It seems like unnecessary clutter.


Thanks, I didn’t know how to ask…

@stevebaer at the time those were added the columns didnt autosize to the width of the control which meant for a lot of clipping of the 2nd column or the horizontal scroll bar showing up unnecessarily. This was especially the case on the Mac. I know @curtisw has made some changes to the gridview over time but I’m not sure that this has changed, if it has I’d love to get rid of the gap as well. Not just here but in plugin manager as well.

Sounds good; I made a YT issue for Curtis to take a look at this at. Would be nice to clean up little things like this if possible.