Document name DXF


Hey there, I’m working on a script and have to output the file name. But rs.DocumentName() working only with 3dm files.
Is there any others ways to get the document name of dxf (for example)


Not sure what you need here, but most of python’s file system stuff is in the os module, with path/document name stuff in the os.path module.

Does that help? --Mitch


I need to get a file name of rhino current opened file
rs.DocumentName() gives file name only for 3dm file. So I have to save the current file(dxf as 3dm) first, and than i can use the rs.DocumentName(). Im case the opened file has dxf format or another rs.DocumentName() will give “none” as result


Can I do it with rhino syntax?



Thanks alot!