Document links component returning empty

Hi. The document link component is not giving any links, although there are several in the project.


I’m using Revit 2019.3 and the project is hosted on BIM 360.


What does the bubble say on the Document Links component?

I was able to test this in Revit 2022 and everything works as expected. I’ll create a project in 2019.3 and see if its a legacy issue.

The bubble just says

Using current document ‘Document name here’

There are definitely differences in how 2019 uses the BIM 360, its not letting me save projects there (where it’s no problem in 2022).

I haven’t tried cloud models in Revit 2022 yet, so I’m not very sure what you mean.

But if you mean just saving the Revit project on BIM 360, the workflow is to publish the models that you will work on and to just directly upload the “static” links.

I wish it was that easy, 2019 doesn’t seem to be supported as well in BIM 360.

We’re using it with no problems in my office with Revit 2019.3…

Well, the naming can be a bit confusing. We’re using BIM Collaborate Pro, and hosting our models on the Autodesk Construction Cloud. I’m not sure what the difference is, but we refer to it as BIM 360, which I believe is what it originally was before all those other names came up.