Document for text from distance

is there a way i can create a document that will pull the distance when i do ‘analyse distance’ and add it to a pre-set prefix

i.e CH 2.30

Where CH is the preset text and 2.30 is the distance from the analyse distance command

so it auto creates this as a text note?

Thanks in advance!!

Something like this?

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thanks im completely new to grasshopper sorry how does this work?

Hi Craig -

That example simply creates a list of random numbers and then prepends those with "CH ".

If I understand your request, you could create a definition that asks for 2 points and that puts an annotation at a third point. Native Grasshopper 1 doesn’t deal much with annotations, though, and you’d have to use a third party plug-in.

Are you aware that you can modify the Rhino annotation style to include a prefix? If you only need the text, you could explode the dimension and delete the lines and arrows…