Document, attribute & layout user text

Can someone please explain me the difference between document, attribute & layout user text and how to use them?

Especially for title blocks.


Document Text, User Text and Layout Text all are Key-Value pairs.

Document Text is Global and typically holds project info that you want to use everywhere, can change once and will see the result in all instances.

Layout Text is in the Properties of the Layout and is per instance of that layout only, the idea being you create a template referencing that Key and duplicate 10 times, each can have a value assigned to a text in the layout.

User Text is per Object

Here’s a quick example.

LayoutText.3dm (48.8 KB)


But I think these features are not working properly on the Mac version…

Hei Morten -

Can you post a specific example that is not working?

For title block, you’d use attributed blocks, enabling you to either pick specific objects from which you’d like to get user text from to display in the T/B or specify a textual value for some of the text fields in the T/B.