Docking palettes next to each other?

Hey wanted to dock both main palettes next to each other like I always did. is this no longer possible? thx Hannes

You need to use the “Main” toolbar instead of the “Main 1” and “Main 2”. The “Main” version combines the two palettes and can be docked side by side. That’s how I set up too, old habits are hard to break.

Thanks MisterB. this will do the trick!

I have Main 1 and Main 2 docked side by side in V5. It took some fiddling to get them to do so.

How do I get Main into a two column side by side configuration? I only see a single column configuration.

I simply created a new palette and copied the buttons I needed and since I mapped the Transform menu on my MMB I needed only a few commands in one palette on the left called “Hannes’ Main” :wink: