Docked filter toolbar toggles visibility, while docked snap toggles on/off

I can’t figure this one out. Sometimes it works and toggles the functionality on/off and sometimes it toggles the entire toolbar visibility instead:

Anyone know why this happens? I never want to toggle visibility when the toolbar is docked (and locked).

Hello - if Osnaps are not showing, clicking that thing shows it; if it is showing, that toggles its enabled state. Is that what you’re asking? There is also ShowOSnap > Toggle

The difference with Filter… Filter cannot be enabled if it (the panel thing) is not open.


Ok, so that answers me trying to do a custom filter panel in another thread (it’s apparently impossible).

But that’s not what this thread is about. If you look above, you’ll see that when I press Osnap, it toggles on and off. When I press Filter, it toggles panel visibility.

However, on a second machine, I did manage to make Filter also toggle on and off:


But I don’t know what controls this! What makes the buttons behave differently on these machines?

Ok, so now the second machine has finally settled on the proper on/off behavior as well (ie, the PC with the behavior seen in the first video has now morphed into the behavior you see in the second video)… didn’t do anything. Still no idea what controls it.

Let’s hope it sticks.