Do ZoomLens with keyboard+mouse shortcut

I’m finding the command zoom rather confusing, as it actually moves the camera near or far from the target so I’d like to change the zoom shortcut to the ZoomLens command. Is it possible?

Yep, you can edit the alias for ‘Z’ in DocumentProperties > Aliases.


Along with adjusting the alias for z, you can also use Shift + Ctrl + Alt + right mouse button to get a zoom lens as well (kind of a mouthful of keys though).


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Thanx! I just stumbled upon it by chance while randomly pressing keys.
Haven’t been able to find it anywhere in the manual though…

I will remedy this. It is in one place: The Shortcuts topic.

I forgot my mouse today, and didn’t know that the user can zoom in/out with only the page-up/page-down keys.

I tried every arrow combo, but without overloading the arrow keys one more time, I think the page-up/page-down keys are good for that.

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