"Do this for all block name conflicts" doesn't work

I am inserting multiple lights into a file. All are being inserted as block instances and each light has a block inside it that references to a single file for the actual lightbulb. When I insert all of them, I am faced with an option to create multiple versions of the lightbulb file, vs choose a model block or a file block to use. This dialog comes up for each light I have inserted and I can’t get it to default to one of the options for the rest of the lights.

Hi Dan - I cannot reproduce this in a simple test here:

I have a block inserted into three files - I start a new file and insert each of these three files into it - no bother with names. Does that duplicate what your setup is?

File: Box
File1: Insert Box as linked, add some geometry
File2: Insert Box, add some different geometry
File3 Insert Box, and some different geometry

New file, insert File1, File2, and File3 one after the other…


Hey Pascal, that should trigger it. Did you try dragging all 3 files in at once? I selected them all and dragged the group in so that I could hit enter a bunch of times and batch insert them.

Aha. No, I did not - hold on a bit… hm. Still fine in 6.17 here.


Interesting, I just tried to reproduce here in the same way you did and it’s working fine. I can’t exactly reproduce this with our lights as I went ahead and baked all the lightbulbs into each light file to avoid the issues. I’ll let you know if I have any further issues that come up though.