Do these scripts run on a MAC?


For a client I have setup a couple of scripts. However they have the MAC version that I cannot test on. How would the client go about running these scripts?
Is there a simple tutorial on running a script in RFM?

As a sidenote for anyone wanting to test the scripts: below are the 2 scripts there are a few commandline inputs and a browseforFolder dialog I wonder if that works.
*Do note that one script is supposed to capture the animation frames on disk. (1.6 KB) (1.2 KB)

Both scripts will move the camera at a desired speed and distance, one tries to maintain the correct realtime speed, one that captures frames at a desired fps setting.

I I need to provide more info, please let me know.


Hi Willem,

from what I see in the first script car_view_frames …

and I do get asked for a folder, which I don’t have so I have to exit the script.

That is my contribution, tot zeins,

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