Do these Commands exist?

Move Object from center to world center (0,0)
Show Last object hidden.

I found a discussion regarding a move script, However I could not get it to work. I’m not versed in the script code and just pasting it in to the editor failed.

I use the hide / unhide (show) a lot. Sketchup has “unhide last” which I use constantly. Is ther something similar in rhino, and if not, any way to script it?

Having these commands would help me a lot.

Show is the command to “unhide” objects. ShowSelected lets you select which hidden objects to unhide.

Maybe this functionality is interesting for you. If you use -hide, than you can set a name for the set, for example you type in the name “A”. Later, if you hide other objects too, than you can use -show and type in “A” and you will get shown the objects of the hide set A.

You could create an own button for a hide set and to show this only.

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For an individual object, you can do this with the Gumball, select the object, grab the center point with the mouse and start dragging, at the same time type 0 and Enter for CPlane 0,or w0 for World 0. The Gumball center will go to 0. You can also use BoxEdit.

What’s not working?

There are several scripts out there to do this, below is one from my library. You can open it in the Python script editor (_EditPythonScript) to run it, or you can set it up as an alias or in a toolbar button. (436 Bytes)


Thanks guys, these answers may give me what I need.